Marketing Me: Online Business Card

Ever find yourself meeting someone and trying to exchange information but you have three blogs, an email address, two Twitter accounts, and a partridge in a pear tree? I was just in a situation last month and didn’t have a solid way to share my info. This is becoming more and more common with today’s plethora of social media options – two out of two people living in my home have this issue (okay, those results may be biased but they are accurate!).

I started searching for a way to take control of my online presence awhile ago. As a freelancer and someone who is involved in at least a dozen online ventures at any given time, I wanted a central online location to send people. I tried customizing About.Me but wasn’t happy with it. That’s when I found this article from Blogging Bookshelf: Why and How to Create Your Own Online Business Card.

Tristan suggests a one-page website that includes links to all your online locations. Blogs, social media, business sites, email. You can then hand out that one URL on a business card and change the page itself whenever you update employers or phone numbers.

Since I had already poured a lot of time into a professional portfolio and resume site, I registered as an online business card. A little CSS, some basic HTML, and now I have a nice little home on the web for whatever information I want to share. Social media profiles, email address, links to my various projects. Next, I’ll print up some personal calling cards with just that url and I’m ready for conferences, interviews, or chance meetings in a grocery store.

Speaking of calling cards… My husband has his own calling card site ( and I recently designed and printed calling cards for him to take with him to a conference. They’re posted over on chickyscratch if you’d like to see them.

I’m BAAaaAAck!!!

Oh, little blog, how I have missed you!

Nah, let’s be honest. I haven’t really missed it or I would’ve been back long ago. It’s not like rogue internet ninjas were holding my blog captive.

Part of the reason I haven’t posted here is that I lost my way a bit. I have a creative blog, a professional portfolio/resume, and at least ten other projects happening that keep me blogging regularly. What does that leave for here?

Marketing and social media: companies that are doing it right, companies that are doing it wrong. Life in Raleigh: attractions, restaurants, events. Perhaps some travel, cooking, photos and other random stuff. But mostly, it will be about marketing and Raleigh. Maybe even a rant about how Raleigh and RTP seem to be doing a lousy job at marketing.

I’m also aware this blog looks like hell. I’ll be working on that ASAP but I’m not going to let aesthetics keep me from posting.

Look for a couple of posts a week. I won’t commit to more than that right now. And considering I haven’t posted since March? I think twice a week is a nice step forward.

Vineyards at Southpoint

For my most recent birthday, Mike and I decided to use a Groupon to a local winery. We were unfamiliar with Vineyards at Southpoint but they had offered a great deal on a wine tasting/food pairing. It sounded like just the thing for a blustery birthday!

The tasting was led by Guy Loeffler, the manager and Vintner for both Vineyards at Southpoint and Horizon Cellars, their sister winery near Siler City. Guy had an attitude about wine that’s very similar to my own – I like what I like, I pair it with whatever I want to, and it’s perfectly fine if you like something different.

We tasted five wines that day, each paired with various snacks so we could get a feel for how different flavors changed our impression of the wines. As expected, we liked four out of five wines that we sampled (Viognier, Cabernet Franc, Chambourcin, and Cabernet Sauvignon) – we knew going in that the Niagara was going to be very sweet for our tastes. Even so, by pairing it with a dried cherry, Guy was able to show us how to make that wine more mellow. We also received a really great handout full of wine-tasting information, including other resources for more information.

Before making our purchases, we decided to give Guy a bit of a test. Since it was my birthday, we had already planned our dinner menu. A delicious chicken dish involving fresh basil, fresh mozzarella, red pepper flakes and diced tomatoes. We eat this regularly and are never sure what to pair with it. Guy suggested adding just a bit of sugar to cut the acidity of the tomatoes and them pairing it with the Chambourcin. We did exactly that and it was delicious. Great recommendation, Guy! We also brought home a bottle of Viognier but we haven’t opened it yet.

One last thing about Guy – he’s passionate about his wine-making. He puts a lot of love and a lot of work into his wineries, serving as everything from vintner to a/c technician. It made me feel kind of warm and fuzzy to see someone taking a risk to do something he loved – and to hear him talk about expanding hours to keep up with demand.

Their grounds include a pond with a fountain and a really nice seating area overlooking it. They are excited about the weather improving so people can enjoy some wine out there. We plan to be two of those people – the wines were great and so was the staff. We’ll definitely be back.

A quick note: Our GPS failed us on this one. Based on their address, the GPS told us to turn into a subdivision about a mile up the road from the winery (we were coming from 40). Just keep going. You can’t miss the signs and it’s not that much further.


Last weekend, Mike and I attended TEDxDuke. It was our first TED experience and we were both amazed that it was so great.

I may do some more posting about it in the future, but for now, you can read my post about it on Girlyfight.

An Update About Me

Because this is my blog, so that seems appropriate.

It’s been ages since I blogged regularly, despite a promise to myself that I would do just that. And since I have to start somewhere, I’m starting here. Right now.

What’s new? Last November, I resigned my position as webmaster at the Town of Apex after 9+ years. There were some long-term differences in vision and some short-term issues that together signaled it was time for my departure. Timing was great as it allowed me to focus on the remainder of my courses at UC Berkeley, which I completed with honors in December.

Since then, I’ve been spending a lot of time on Girlyfight and focusing on providing some marketing services via freelancing.

I’ve missed blogging here and I’m excited about getting back to it. And while I realize this isn’t a fabulous first post, it is a dreaded first post. Now that it’s out of the way, I can get into the meat of things.